Top Tubes customer Haygrove hosts visit of The Princess Royal


Top Tubes Managing Director Adam Bradley and Southern Sales Area Manager Bryan Morris recently had the pleasure of attending a royal visit to long term customer Haygrove, when Her Royal Highness Princess Anne (HRH) visited the company as part of its 25th birthday celebrations.

Personally invited by Haygrove’s MD John Berry because of the important part Top Tubes has played in Haygrove’s development, Adam and Bryan attended the celebratory lunch and tour of the Haygrove farm at Ledbury on Monday 13th February where they saw The Princess Royal plant a commemorative cherry tree, assisted by Haygrove Chairman Angus Davison.

The royal visit to Ledbury was a joint one for Haygrove and Concern Universal which is Hereford’s international development charity. HRH’s interest and charity work in the poorer African countries are well known and during her visit she was told about Haygrove’s development work in South Africa and The Gambia. Partnerships betweens SMEs like Haygrove and charities, such as Concern Universal, to assist in the transfer of skills and knowledge can have a huge effect on positive change in developing countries.

Haygrove purchase specific grades of galvanised tube for use in their polytunnels and greenhouses. The tube has increased mechanical properties which ensure that the structures themselves are strong and can resist strong winds. Another example of how we work with our customers to provide solutions.

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