Satisfaction survey scores points


Earlier this year we instigated a new customer satisfaction initiative – an emailed sheet on which we ask a selected group of customers to rate us on 20 counts across commercial activity, technical assistance, quality and delivery performance.

The first survey went out in April followed in August by a second survey – the aim is to conduct a survey every quarter from now on.

Each quarter account managers will choose a selection of customers to survey, with different customers being selected each time to return a more accurate and unbiased picture.

The results so far have been extremely encouraging, we’re glad to say – not only in terms of response but also in terms of how our customers rate us. For each of the ‘counts’ such as ‘response to enquiries’ or ‘product quality’ we ask the customer to score us on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best – in the April survey we were scored either 5 or 4 on almost every count, with only four instances of a score below that – of 3, resulting in an overall 81.4% satisfaction level for our Central and Zodiac divisions and 90% for our Laser and Metallex divisions.

As Quality Manager Steve Powell says, “Not only is a regular survey such as this good for the supplier/client relationship, it also alerts us to any weaknesses that may not otherwise have been translated into a complaint”.

Be sure to look out for our Customer Evaluation Survey in the coming months, and please complete it. Your response will enable us to offer you even better quality and service.

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