New plant brings quality and efficiency gains

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Automotive applications account for a substantial element of Top Tubes’ business, so our new high speed Bruderer BSTA 60H perforation line is proving a valuable addition to our plant list, enabling us to bring all of our perforated strip processing in-house and thus helping us to serve both the OEM and after market exhaust sectors even more efficiently, as well as a number of other application areas.

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In addition to producing perforated strip of unrivalled precision – and in the wide range of patterns we’re renowned for – the Bruderer’s precision mechanics boast PC control via a touch screen with clearly arranged graphics for easy handling, a memory function for die parameters and integration of measuring and control functions for increased process safety. With a press force of 600KN and speeds of up to 800 strokes per minute, the Bruderer gives us better control of both time scales and costs – vital in today’s extremely competitive automotive market.

Mair packaging line

Better standards of packaging are a very welcome innovation and are a bonus to both ourselves and our customers alike. The installation of the Mair packaging line allows us to run the tube mill at a higher capacity because of the faster, more efficient packing the Mair provides. Depending on the product up to 15 perfectly shaped uniform packs can be processed per hour.

Installed towards the end of 2011, the Mair packaging line represents an investment of over a quarter of a million pounds and packages tube which was previously delivered in irregular bundles into rectangular, square or hexagonal packs, providing easier storage and transportation. The packs are secured with high tensile steel banding which prevents break-up or collapse of the packs which in turn means we can transport greater weights safely.

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