New improved Top Tubes website makes browsing easier

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Extensive improvements and upgrades recently carried out to our website have greatly improved its usability and its usefulness.

As most of today’s website visits are via a variety of devices, a particular benefit is the website’s ability to adapt comfortably between any device, making the user experience equally easy whether via smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

These improvements are also designed to improve Google rankings, making it simpler and quicker for the user to find the information they require.

And the improvements aren’t just technical; content has been brought up to date to reflect every aspect of our current and extended capabilities such as progress in tube manipulation and tube slotting. There’s now a customer feedback page where you can score us on 20 different aspects of our products and service, as well as tell us what you think of us. And there’s a convenient enquiry page to save website visitors having to email separately.

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