New, fin cut tube reaches out to new markets

Fin cutting – the complete removal of the internal weld bead (or fin) – is now available on sizes above 25.40mm od for ERW tube produced here at Top Tubes.

For the benefit of those not technically aware, fin-cut tube is necessary where the bore cannot have any weld seam obstruction. Instances such as one section of tube fitting snugly inside another or where there is a precision internal fit required. Cold drawn seamless tube offers the same benefits, but at a much greater cost.

Fin-cutting takes place in-line by means of an internal scarfing tool positioned directly beyond the welding stage, over which the tube travels. The resulting scarfed fin wire is removed by means of high pressure air gun, leaving a clean internal diameter.

“The clean bore of a fin-cut tube is a requirement in many applications”, says Production Manager Simon Moore, “which, for Top Tubes, opens up opportunities in markets not previously accessed”. “What’s more, many of those new applications will possess greater levels of sophistication, which can only reflect well on our reputation and our abilities”.

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