Metallex aims for greater market penetration

Top Tubes’ Metallex slotted tube division has extended its market reach with the addition of a brand new BLM tube slotting machine that promises to reduce customer-costs.

The new machine features faster slotting by punching two faces at once, greater slotting accuracy and consistency, and quicker changeovers – around 20 minutes instead of the previous 1.5 hours; all of which greatly increases efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The new machine can also slot longer lengths: 5 metres as opposed to the previous 4 metres and features variable punching and over 1000 different punching programs.

Thomas Smylie, head of the Metallex division, says he is confident that the new machine will not only stimulate business from existing markets, but will tap into completely new markets too.

A unique benefit that Top Tubes can offer is the combination of tube slotting and laser tube processing. When used in conjunction with one another Top Tubes can provide a customer with semi-finished components – ready-formed, machined and punched – far more economically than if those operations were performed separately.

And two new appointments strengthen the Metallex and Laser teams

The busy Metallex and Laser Divisions have recently expanded their resources with two more members of staff.

Les Marshall has been appointed Business Development Manager. Les brings with him over 20 years’ sales experience in steel tubes and fittings, working both for mills and for stockholders.

When not being kept busy at Top Tubes, Les likes to spend his down-time ‘designing and inventing’ in his shed – no doubt Les will be applying some of his inventiveness to his new role.

Kayleigh Perrin joined Top Tubes at the end of September in the role of Laser/Metallex Sales Administrator, responsible for order processing and allocation.

Kayleigh enjoys socialising with friends and family and says she particularly appreciates the ‘happy and bubbly’ atmosphere at Top Tubes.

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