Manufacturing Division goes from strength to strength


Tube manipulation and fabrication have always been important elements in Top Tubes ‘Taking Tube Further’ philosophy, but are now taking on ever more prominence within Top Tubes’ Manufacturing Division, calling for increased investment in new equipment.

Take the newly installed BLM E-BEND 90, for instance. Bringing with it a host of benefits such as the capability to bend up to 90mm diameter tube in the most challenging of configurations, the all-electric E-BEND 90 boasts not only better consistency and accuracy but also much improved environmental credentials.

Visual graphics programming means that the complete bending operation is visually simulated, providing instant feedback to customers and enabling easy component testing without recourse to prototypes, as well as fast and accurate pricing.

Files can even be imported directly from the customer, reducing timescales to the minimum.

Sawing operations have also taken a further step forwards with the installation of a new BLM Adige Twincut, promising increased efficiency thanks to its ability to cut up to 75mm square tube, an 8 metre feed capacity and 4 metre cut length capability, and faster and more accurate tube cutting.

As Top Tubes Managing Director Adam Bradley says: “The ever-expanding Manufacturing Division at Top Tubes will, we feel sure, continue to grow in importance”.

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