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Another new BLM Adige tube laser machine has been added to the Top Tubes tube laser roster, an LT722D powered by the latest operating software, which joins Top Tubes’ existing LT712, LT722 and LT8.

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The new machine embodies a host of benefits: a doubling in speed compared to the BLM Adige machine it replaces, improved software functionality resulting in faster transfers between jobs, greatly increased versatility to tackle a wider range of jobs and better user controls,including a database of ready to use cutting parameters, which help minimise waste and set up times, to name just a few.

“With the installation of this machine”, says CAD Engineer Dan Wellings, “not only do we offer better tube laser resources than many laser specialists, we also offer bigger cost savings because we manufacture the tube too.”

During the last few years Top Tubes has been helping to spearhead the cost-saving advances offered by laser tube processing, such as those embodied in this retail display unit (right) where elements which would previously have required two or three separate components are now composed of single laser-processed pieces.

The LT722D is part of an on-going Top Tubes investment programme aimed at satisfying the growing demand for laser-processed parts, especially in the retail sector. Its introduction will see significant productivity gains, cutting lead times and aiding job planning.

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