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Meet Top Tubes’ new – as well as our very first – Financial Director.

April Pearson-Myatt was appointed to the newly-created post in early November and has already engendered a fresh climate of positivity.

Having a passionate enthusiasm for manufacturing industry, April is keen to make it known that she doesn’t intend to limit herself just to financial matters. “I believe that part of my role”, says April, “is understanding the synergy between management, sales and production and developing it”. “I don’t think that the financial role should be isolated from wider business activities and I look forward to being fully involved in helping to mould Top Tubes’ future strategy”.

April is particularly keen to help Top Tubes exploit value added products; “Magnatube’s environmental credentials, for instance, are considerable”, says April, “and should be emphasized”.

Top Tubes MD Adam Bradley said: “We are delighted that April has joined us. She brings both a passion and a professionalism in her approach not just to the financial role but to business operations as a whole”. “Her wide-ranging experience of manufacturing industry, from curtain rail manufacturer Swish to aero tyres producer Dunlop Aviation, including four previous Financial Director posts, is sure to prove invaluable in her role here at Top Tubes.”

Just as in her business life, April’s spare time activities are many and varied. She is a keen golfer, which satisfies her competitive streak, and a fitness enthusiast. On a more intellectual level April is an art lover and enjoys visiting art exhibitions and galleries.

“As Top Tubes first Financial Director”, says April, “I look forward to having a strong influence on the company’s future direction”.

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