Clean tube offers benefits all round


Just look at the filthy gunge in that saucer pictured right – that’s just a fraction of the stuff that Top Tubes’ tube line filtration systems remove. In fact, considerable quantities of gunge are filtered from our tube lines every day.

t means that the finished tube we supply to customers is much cleaner and more ready for use. It also means that the waste coolant that goes back into the environment is much much cleaner.

There are benefits for us too; because filtration removes the grit and swarf that occurs in tube manufacture the rolls on the tube mills are better preserved, which itself contributes to a higher quality tube.

You might be forgiven for thinking that the clean tube that results is supplied as a premium price product by Top Tubes, but you’d be wrong – all of our tube benefits from the same filtration process, at no extra charge.

It’s yet another example of our continuing investment in quality, enabling the wider application of our tube.

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