£1.5m plus investment keeps Top Tubes on top

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“Our mission has always been to be at the forefront of the tube industry” says MD Adam Bradley, “and our latest investment programme very definitely keeps us there”.

Commissioned in November, our new Trumpf TruLaser Tube 7000 tube laser expands still further Top Tubes’ laser capabilities and capacity. The greater autonomous operation of the Trumpf means there’s less chance of errors and user-friendly controls and electronics make operating and maintenance much simpler.

In a departure from standard Top Tubes practice, the new machine delivers power via revolutionary fibre technology, resulting in faster, cleaner cutting. The new machine also offers ‘better quality first time’, avoiding time consuming adjustments.

Feeding the new Trumpf with nitrogen is our next new acquisition, the NitroCube, an ingenious device that takes in compressed air and separates the nitrogen component from the oxygen and other gases and feeds it to the laser processing machines where it produces a cleaner, uncarbonated cut. Although the unit itself required only a simple plug’n play install, the extensive pipework involved took a week to fit.

Three new heavy duty double girder cranes from the Street Crane Company have been installed this month (December). With duty ratings of between M6 and M8, these are the workhorses of our business.

In addition to the cranes two new ICS chillers have been installed, upgrading our chiller facility. These units chill the coolant, oil and water used in the ERW tube welding process, before it is then recirculated, helping to cut down on precious resources.

New Trumpf TruLaser Tube 7000 tube laser

Finally, our transport department has been strengthened by the addition of two new vehicles, both from Renault, an 18 ton GVW curtain sider with sliding roof for loading with overhead crane and an 18 ton GVW flatbed truck. Both have been tailored precisely to Top Tubes’ requirements and include front air suspension, on-board load weighing and all-round cameras to eliminate blind spots and provide easier loading bay positioning.

Picture above: Our new Trumpf TruLaser Tube 7000 tube laser expands still further Top Tubes’ laser capabilities and capacity.

“Using world class equipment from the likes of Street Crane, ICS and Trumpf, as well as BLM Adige”, says MD Adam Bradley, “has always been Top Tubes policy”. “Quality pays off” he says. “In addition, operating our own purpose-built delivery fleet means we can guarantee our customers reliability as well as quality”.

The current investment is only part of the story. Top Tubes has plans to invest a similar sum in 2020 in further upgrading, plus the digitising of various processes employed in manufacture. “Bold, strategic thinking has got us where we are and it’s what will continue into the future” says Adam.

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