ERW Tube

Top Tubes’ ERW Division is a manufacturing stockholder of seam welded mild steel tube.

Offering service levels of a distributor allied with the backup of in-house production, we offer the competitive pricing of a manufacturer along with market leading supply flexibility.

Our motto is to be “easy to buy off”. If you buy full packs of ERW mill lengths, or exact/cut lengths, then we are uniquely placed within the market to be your ideal supply partner.

Top Tubes operates two modern ERW tube mills that have the capacity to produce 50,000 tonnes per annum. A wide variety of specifications are available in terms of mechanical & chemical properties to match bespoke customer requirements.

Our length capability, directly off the ERW tube mill, ranges from 2000mm to 13500mm, all with clean cut sheared ends.

Incorporated into Top Tubes production lines is our unique slit coil edge preparation technology. Through precise edge profiling and surface treatment this process yields a finished tube with superior weld strength and integrity. Stronger, in fact, than steel itself.

erw 3


19mm OD up to 76.20mm OD


20mm x 20mm up to 60mm x 60mm


25mm x 15mm up to 80mm x 40mm

Flat Sided Oval

30mm x 15mm up to 80mm x 40mm

Special Section

As required

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Tube manufactured from high quality hot rolled coil. Used to manufactured an uncoated product that is suitable for hot dip galvanising.

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Tube manufactured from premium cold rolled & hot rolled pickled and oiled coil. Used to manufactured a superior surface finished uncoated product that is suitable for painting, powder coating, bright zinc plating and even chrome plating.

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Tube manufactured from double sided zinc coated coil in a variety of coating thicknesses and substrate grades. Zinc weld seam repair then offering an excellent corrosion protected product.

magna tube cutaway 300x241 1


Tube manufactured from double sided premium zinc/aluminium/magnesium coated coil.
MAGNAfusion weld repair then offering unmatched corrosion protection.

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Tube manufactured from double sided aluminium coated coil. Aluminium weld repair completes the corrosion protection for this product that resists high temperature conditions/applications.

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Tube manufactured from coil with holes punched to specified patterns. Mainly used inside automotive exhaust silencers.

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