ERW Tube Manufacturing

Top Tubes’ ERW Division is a manufacturing stockholder of seam welded mild steel tube.

Offering service levels of a distributor allied with the backup of in-house production, we offer the competitive pricing of a manufacturer along with market leading supply flexibility.

Our motto is to be “easy to buy off”. If you buy full packs of ERW mill lengths, or exact/cut lengths, then we are uniquely placed within the market to be your ideal supply partner.

Top Tubes operates two modern ERW tube mills that have the capacity to produce 50,000 tonnes per annum. A wide variety of specifications are available in terms of mechanical & chemical properties to match bespoke customer requirements.

Our length capability, directly off the ERW tube mill, ranges from 2000mm to 13500mm, all with clean cut sheared ends.

Incorporated into Top Tubes production lines is our unique slit coil edge preparation technology. Through precise edge profiling and surface treatment this process yields a finished tube with superior weld strength and integrity. Stronger, in fact, than steel itself.

So What is ERW steel tube? You can now read our article about ERW tube, the different forms it can take as well as its industrial applications.

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19mm OD up to 76.20mm OD


20mm x 20mm up to 60mm x 60mm


25mm x 15mm up to 80mm x 40mm

Flat Sided Oval

30mm x 15mm up to 80mm x 40mm

Special Section

As required

Industrial Applications

Self-Colour/Black Semi-Bright Pre-Galvanised Aluminised Perforated MAGNAtube
Agriculture ✔️
Appliances ✔️
Automotive ✔️ ✔️
Construction ✔️ ✔️
Energy ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Greenhouses ✔️
Coastal & Marine ✔️
Solar & Wind ✔️
Transportation ✔️ ✔️
Furniture ✔️
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Manufactured from high-quality hot-rolled coil, these tubes are crafted to produce an uncoated yet robust product, ideal for hot dip galvanising. This process enhances their durability and corrosion resistance, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Their versatility is evident in their uses, from the practical – such as water transportation infrastructure where durability is paramount – to the aesthetic, contributing to architectural design elements. However, it’s important to note the distinction in their application: black pipe, while excellent for gas lines due to its high resistance to heat and pressure, is less suitable for water lines. Its tendency to rust when exposed to moisture makes it less ideal for water transport, highlighting the necessity of selecting the right pipe type for specific uses. Should you ever feel unsure the experts at Top Tubes are on hand to help you find the best solution to your problem.

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Manufactured from premium-grade cold-rolled and hot-rolled pickled and oiled coil, these tubes are designed to offer a superior surface finish. This uncoated product serves as an ideal base for various finishing processes including painting, powder coating, bright zinc plating, and even chrome plating, enhancing both its aesthetic appeal and functional durability. The precision in their manufacture makes them particularly suitable for industries where high-quality finishes are paramount. In furniture making, for instance, these tubes contribute to both the structural integrity and visual elegance of the pieces. Similarly, for applications requiring powder coating, such as in automotive or appliance manufacturing, these tubes ensure a flawless finish that is both attractive and resilient to wear and environmental factors. Their adaptability and quality make them a preferred choice in sectors demanding high standards of finish and durability.

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These tubes, expertly manufactured from double-sided zinc-coated coil, come in a range of coating thicknesses and substrate grades to meet diverse industry needs. The zinc coating, applied to both sides, plays a crucial role in extending the tube’s lifespan by providing robust corrosion protection. This feature is further enhanced by zinc weld seam repair, which ensures the integrity and continuity of the corrosion-resistant layer. Their durability and resistance to environmental factors make them particularly suitable for transporting low-pressure liquids and gases. This includes a wide array of applications from plumbing systems, where long-term reliability is essential, to heating systems, where resistance to corrosion significantly prolongs efficiency and safety. The versatility of these tubes, combined with their superior corrosion protection, positions them as an ideal choice for infrastructure and industrial applications where performance and longevity are key.

magna tube cutaway 300x241 1


Tube manufactured from double sided premium zinc/aluminium/magnesium coated coil.
MAGNAfusion weld repair then offering unmatched corrosion protection.

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This tube, crafted from a double-sided aluminium-coated coil, exemplifies innovation in material engineering. The aluminium coating plays a dual role: it significantly enhances corrosion resistance and endows the tube with the ability to withstand high-temperature conditions. This makes it an indispensable component in environments where thermal resilience is crucial. The application of aluminium weld repair further fortifies this corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Its utility extends across various industries. In automotive manufacturing, it’s instrumental in the production of cars, trucks, trains, boats, and airplanes, contributing to lightweight yet durable structures. Its use in heat exchanger tubes, automotive mufflers, and exhaust pipes highlights its ability to endure extreme temperatures while maintaining structural integrity. Beyond transportation, these aluminium-coated tubes are pivotal in the construction of furnaces, water heaters, and burners, playing a key role in the structural components of these appliances. The combination of lightweight properties, thermal resistance, and corrosion protection makes this tube a versatile and valuable material in numerous high-demand applications.

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These tubes, meticulously manufactured from coils with holes punched in specified patterns, showcase a blend of precision engineering and versatility. Primarily employed within automotive exhaust silencers, they play a crucial role in filtering liquids and air, such as water and oil, thereby enhancing the efficiency and longevity of the exhaust systems. The design of these tubes, characterized by their specific hole patterns, allows for optimal filtration and flow, crucial in automotive applications.

Beyond their use in the automotive sector, these tubes have a wide array of applications in several other industries. In the food industry, they are integral in the sieving process, where they help in separating and removing impurities, thus ensuring the purity and quality of food products. Similarly, in the pharmaceutical industry, these tubes contribute to the manufacturing process by filtering out contaminants, a critical step in ensuring the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals.

Their utility extends to the chemical industry as well, where they are used to sieve and purify chemical compounds, playing a significant role in maintaining the integrity and quality of chemical products. In the realm of environmental protection, these tubes are instrumental in filtration systems, aiding in the purification of air and water, thus contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

The versatility of these tubes, combined with their precision and efficiency, makes them an invaluable component across a diverse range of industries, underscoring their importance in both industrial and environmental applications.

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